I decide to look for a streaming site called Spreaker and started to stream in my spare time. I have called my online radio station “INFINITY FM”, taken from the love program “OUR LOVE IS INFINITY”. I did work for ELGIN FM 96.8 for almost 4 years between 2016 and 2019. At the end of 2019, I decide to do my own thing after ELGIN FM suddenly close their doors. I decided to build me a studio in the comfort of my home and started with the streaming site “LISTEN2MYRADIO”. During my time at ELGIN FM, I realized that our youth need to be changed in a huge way by means, if I just look in my own community of Grabouw, our youth do not have anything else to do but to become drug abusers and gangsters. I also realized through this online radio station, “INFINITY FM”, I want to change the lives of our youth by giving them the opportunity to become radio presenters and also could change their lives for the better. I do not want to be a voice in houses no more, but I want to make a difference in our youth lives in Grabouw. With this, I want to give back to the community of Grabouw, who did support me while I was still with ELGIN FM 96.8. ELGIN FM really did change my life and today, I just want to give our youth the same opportunity to become a radio presenter at:


Unlimited music for your soul


Ricardo Wilskut